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How a mobile app can be used as earning box ? Earn with your App

How a mobile app can be used as earning box ? Earn with your App

Everybody is on a blog at a certain point and has watched, purchased or read content from somebody talking on how you to make plenty of dollars with mobile apps. They will talk about how each download you get will make you $1…so all you have to do is to get apps in store.

Suppose you think that you will just sit back and watch money to come in, then you are in for the rude awakening. The app monetization isn’t about being in a game, it is about winning. It is not about the downloads, but about dollars. Actually, if it was not for some key app monetization, I would be in lots of trouble. Until now, earning money on apps needed plenty of downloads, like the websites need lots of traffic.

Earn Money with Your App


Is it real of Fake?

Some people have got different results. This will differ from one category to another and depend on the download volume. I can say that every person I have talked to has buried the previous revenue days with the new networks. World is changing.While it comes about earning money with mobile apps, best thing you may do is to make the rich developers richer. In place of selling your mobile apps, try to sell theirs.

Here is Why.

Now –understand that in order, to create the brand, which is strong and cool is an ultimate dream for anybody getting in apps. You would like to build the mobile app and have this get $80 per day and repeat this process. So here is a quick breakdown about app market that perhaps you do not know:

  • Take a close look at apps on Top Grossing lists, particularly the top 25. You will see majority of them are totally Free.
  • The apps have huge monetization pathways in their apps and will pull in upwards $5 PER DOWNLOAD.
  • It means each time anybody downloads the app, they will expect to make the average of over $5 off person over lifetime. That is insane.


For any business person, all these mobile apps get to a point where they will prove these numbers & developers say “Wow – we want to get more of downloads and we will make more money!” Apple charts & regular marketing helps, however they wish to DRIVE the users in their game. They also want to buy downloads.

At $5 every user, they will definitely afford doing that. Now, many developers who use the ad networks to purchase traffic are also looking to spend over $0.05 every click and $0.50 for install.

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