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51 features every eCommmerce website should care about

51 features every eCommmerce website should care about

1. Responsive Design: Surfing is no more limited to computers or what we call the desktop world. If you wish to widen your reach, you will have to be responsive with your website deigning. It ensures you reach out to bigger audience with an impressive navigation control, and improved brand image.


As seen in the image above, the e-commerce site has chosen a responsive design that makes it comfortable for the users to view it on any device, be it desktop or mobile.

2. Mobile App: Mobile App provides the customers with an opportunity to view and understand the product or services offered by your website in the easiest and simplest way possible. They get to view your product details simply by touching or swiping their mobile screens. What makes mobile app an essential feature for e-commerce is their ability of being available 24/7.

Zalora-Site, as you can see in the above image, has perfectly designed the mobile app to meet in the needs of mobile users around.

3. Optically Appealing Template: The way your e-Commerce website looks, will surely have a big impact as far as the online sales are concerned. When your website happens to be more of visually appealing, it gets more power in regards to sales conversion. Also, the color scheme must be in sync with your business type.


The very look of this e-commerce sight makes you fall for the wonderful watch collection. The more appealing you stand, the more popular you stay.

4. Secure Payment Gateway: No customer would consider making business with you, unless they are provided with a payment gateway. Considering the online theft of financial details, most people are vary of dealing with online products or services. To ensure that customers build trust in your website, you will have to integrate a payment gateway.


This is how your payment gateway should look like, so that the customer finds no difficulty or hassle in making the payment.

5. SEO tools and plugins: No one in the web world is unbeknownst to the power and hold of search engine optimization. If you want your site to get the maximum traffic and sales, you will have to make it search engine optimized. Make sure you use the SEO tools such as on-page SEO, content generation, and others.


Who can deny the power of SEO, surely the Code Ninjas know it better. The image clarifies how important SEO tools are for your site.

6. Cash on Delivery Option:
Most customers are comfortable with the cash on deliver or COD mode wherein they make the payment for the product so purchased only after receiving it. Customers find it safer to pay when the goods are delivered at their doorstep. So make sure that your e-commerce website has COD option to accommodate customers in love with this payment mode.


Some people just love paying once the product reaches their doorstep, and what can be the best way to make them aware of your Cash on Delivery Option than the above setup.

7. Client Testimonial About Website: Word-of-mouth is one publicity that works very effectively as a marketing tool. Customers go through the reviews, and the testimonials before deciding on making the purchase. It surely can be a deciding factor for either making or breaking the sale. Displaying the positive customer feedback on the site, works as a trust building factor.


Mouth publicity works faster than any other mode of marketing, if your e-commerce site has place for customer testimonials, it is sure to grab maximum attention.

8. Enhanced Image Zoom and 360 Degree Views: The customer will only be tempted to buy the product from your website when he knows what he is buying. Help him understand the product in detail. Have the provision for enhanced image zoom and 360 degree views so that the user gets to look at the product more clearly and closely.


Look at the image above, how easy it might have been for the customer to know details of the camera he wished to buy by simply zooming in the image.

9.Product Reviews: Who will think of buying a product if he has no idea what rating it ha got? No one we believe. Consumers are more likely to buy the product when they are rated with reviews. So, if you have yet not adopted this feature for your site, it is time to make up for the mistake you made earlier on.


Your customers will surely be interested in knowing the product review and as you can see in the above image, an ideal product review page is really mandatory.

10. Integrated CRM software: This software primarily helps in managing the prospects, customers and your sales. Using the CRM software, you can easily monitor the technical backing, opportunities and the sales information. Your e-commerce website can reap in the benefit from its effective sales process and enhanced customer relationship.


This is how your CRM software must look and work like so that you can manage the sales and customers effortlessly.

11. Coupon System: Consumers nowadays are increasingly watchful of the coupons they avail on the various shopping and service based sites. Having a coupon system on your e-commerce website will encourage the return visits of the customers. They not just represent a fresh content, but also provide the consumers with a perk to regularly visit the website.


If you have offered a coupon system, make sure that your e-commerce site has valid space for the customers to enter in the code as shown above.

12. Product Comparisons : Your e-commerce site is all full of products, has many amazing items and the traffic on the site is just increasing with every passing day. Everything is cool but navigation is still a task, it's because the customer is confused among the similar range of products. Opt for a product comparison software so there stands no perplexity over the purchase whatsoever.


The product comparison must be listed on your e-commerce site as shown in the image above. This helps the customers decide what product they are actually looking for.

13. Social Integration: You surely won't wish to be left out when a customer talks about you and the product offered by your site. This is where you need the social media. zone of their Facebook or twitter feeds. Ensure that your e-commerce website works in integration with the social media.


Don't forget to keep space for social networks on your e-commerce site. You can very well see in the above image how the site has utilized the space wonderfully.

14. Guest Transactions: Retailers dealing with multiple brands, must respect a single sign-in over the whole of web presence. It can be worked out in a better way if you allow the guest transactions to take place with absolutely no need of creating a password and authenticating the account registration.


A perfect way to build in new customers is to show them how valued they are and in the image above, the e-commerce site has done it brilliantly.

15. Omnichannel Visibility: E-commerce is no longer limited to the stock on hand principle. Customers now call for real-time clarity into your stockpile levels online also in-store. And this is what we call the new omnichannel model, wherein the customer is updated with your stock inventory.


As has displayed its inventory information, the customer is pretty aware about the availability of the product. Take a cue from

16. Curated bundles and collections: As customers are now expanding their choices, the importance of offering them appealing collections is mounting high. Powerful search must be paired with proficient, and customer-friendly vending. Offer them the best of collections, don't pile them with the entire warehouse stock.

Curated bundles and collections

See how has made use of curated bundles and collections by giving precise product information to the customers.

17. Clear Logo: Logo for a business card is very essential, and more important is the clarity and appeal of it. A logo or a mascot, an alluring image or video along with the ‘Buy’ button will suit perfectly for your e-commerce website designs.


Here's how your brand logo must be designed and displayed so that it can strike a cord with the customers. The above image says it all about the logos and their use!

18. Discount Engine: Discounts are something everyone swears by. You certainly can win more customers for your e-commerce website by offering discounts. If building maximum customers for your e-commerce site is what your vision is, make sure that you opt for a discount engine which generates coupon codes for your e-commerce website along with expiry date from back-end.


Your customer must be aware what discount amount he will be given once he uses the coupon offered by your e-commerce site. Make sure the details are there as seen in the image above.

19. Deals & Freebies: If you thought that there is no area where trailing the herd can pay dividends, you surely haven't come across deals and freebies. These deals even provide you with a good pretense to reach out to your regular, past shoppers and stay visible.


Listing the gifts and wonderful deals available with the chosen product by the customer can really be a great tool for attraction.

20. Free shipping: While running your e-commerce website, you must remember one thing that you are selling your product to the world and not just your local market. Therefore, you must take the shipping charges into account and it's one way to prompt customers to make a purchase from your site.


As, your e-commerce site must also have the right space to display the Free Shipping option so that there lies no doubt in the customer's mind.

21. Most popular products: You will have to be very tactful when making your targeted users aware of the new collection, upcoming sales, product related news etc. that can tempt the buyer to make purchase. And the best place to display such information is your website's home page.


Here check out how has updated the page with its most likeable and popular products. It's a must for your e-commerce site as well.

22. Shopping Cart, Login Box and Search Box: Have you ever seen an e-commerce site that doesn't include the above? No customer can connect with the site unless he is provided with a shopping cart to assemble all his purchases, an account to tract all his orders made and the search box that helps him locate his desired product.


From the Sign in box, to search and the shopping cart, your e-commerce site must list all the needed tolls on the page.

23. Security Certificates:
Nobody likes to associate with a business that can't guarantee a security; especially when it's dealing with financial transaction. The customers need to be sure they're through the right merchandise. Make sure your site obtains the security certificates without fail.


The way asos has made use of the security certificate, your e-commerce site must also display the same so as to gain customer trust.

24. Blog Section: Websites that have a blog get views up to 55% more as compared to the sites that don't have blogs. A blog not just helps your customers to locate you via search engines, but is even a great way of building trust with them. The more you share the information, the more people will consider you as the expert in the domain. Be the experts!


Your e-commerce site must have the destined place for Blog as seen in the above image. This makes easier for the customer to reach to the right information.

25. Related Products: You certainly want to increase your sales and the overall basket value of the purchases, don't you? You can do it very easily by offering the customers with a list of related products. When you offer them some related products, they are sure to stay on your site for long and seek the maximum information as possible.


How would the customer know what all products might be beneficial for him unless your site makes him aware of the related products as seen in the image above.

26. Warranty/Guarantee: Will you ever buy a product without being sure of its quality? Won't you be concerned what if the product is not good? If you can have these 'What Ifs', why can't the customers! Make sure your website has provision for product warranty and guarantee so that buyers are able to transact without fearing any money loss.


Don't ever miss on the space for warranty and guarantee as this is the best way to win customer loaytly and trust. The image above does the job perfectly.

27. Availability: You can't expect to hold onto the product in hand unlike the retail stores. If you wish to create the conversion rate, be sure of updating the customers about the product's availability in your stock. This is one tool that helps in building the conversion rate.


The above image makes it pretty clear for the customer to understand that there are just 4 pieces left. And this information regarding product availability is a must.

28. Payment System Icons: The shopping experience online has to be hassle free and so does the payment method. Don't leave your customers to make wild guesses as to what will be the payment mode. If it is by credit card, debit card, PayPal or any other way; just ensure the payment icon is updated on your site.


The image above clears it all, the customer knows what all cards can help him make the payment. Ensure your e-commerce site includes the payment icons.

29. Online Chats & Phone Support: Problems come uninvited and at times even technology can face some glitches. It's always better to have a 24/7 customer support so that when facing any issue with the purchase or order delivery, your customers get to speak to someone alive and not an automated machine.


As versapak has done in the image above, ensure that your website makes space for online chats and phone support information.

30. Brand Products: Branding the products is very important as you never know what the next customer on your site might be looking for. Categorize the products and always push the ones that have higher probability of attracting customers. Just be sorted with the collection you have on your e-commerce website, as till the time you aren't clear about it, your customers will never be.


Brands cast an effect as one can see in the image above. It is perfect enough to capture the customer's time and attention.

31. Faceted, typo-sensitive search: The new age search boxes call for more flexibility. With the use of faceted search, you can help the customers in identifying the products they are looking for more clearly. At no point they should be made to feel confused or out of track while searching for their desired product or service.


Why not give your customer a fair good chance to figure out what exactly he is looking for with the facets and filters as seen in the above image.

32. Policies and Other Areas: When a customer visits your e-commerce website, he certainly comes with his mind full of many questions. Before making any purchase, he surely looks for some information like shipping policy, privacy policy, return or exchange policy etc. Ensure that you provide them an easy platform to locate all these vital information.


This for sure is another feature that must not be missed by your e-commerce site. All the major and minor policy details must be enlisted as seen in the image above.

33. Video of the Product: Visuals of things attract our minds more and help it in taking a decision. If you want your products to leave an impact on your users, ensure to put some related videos. It can be in concern to the overall view of the product or its features. Videos give a better understanding of the product to the customers.


The video as seen in the image above helps the customer understand the product in a better and comprehended way.

34. Financing & EMI Offers: Who won't love to be given some easy or hassle free payment schemes, especially if the products are the high ticket ones! EMI offers and other financing methods are sure to seek maximum user attention. And we guess, you surely won't want to miss on maximizing your customers. Isn't?


Targeting customers from all economical background can become easy if your e-commerce site makes use of the financing and EMI offers as seen above.

35. Back-end Email Marketing Module: You are more likely to develop a strong customer base when you stay connected with them. And the best way to do so is emailing. You can send out newsletters, promotional mails, or mail the delivery information and the feedback form. All of these will make the users valued and your brand trusted!


This is how your back-end email marketing module must look like. It helps the customer build trust in your service and product.

36. Google Analytics Code: In the online world, you certainly can't get to know what's your consumer type or habit. However, if you master the art of Google analytic code, you can understand the effectiveness of the marketing efforts you've been putting so far and also understand your visitors. This helps in optimizing your e-commerce website store for more conversions and sales.


The image above says it clear how Google analytic code can help you lead the market with sheer confidence.

37. Store Locator/ Store Finder: If you have many retailers spread across, you can't leave the customers wander clueless in the web world looking for the right store. Give them instant solution to their hunt with the store locator tab on your website. Be it any country or city, let them come through the right store with the easy to use store finder.


As John Lewis does in the above image, help your customer find out and locate all your stores and approach the one nearest to him.

38. Expert Commentary and Videos: A renowned name backing your brand surely does wonders. Al you need is a known expert reviewing your service or product. Such videos grab quite an attention and prove to be a decisive factor to help the buyers build in trust in your e-commerce website. Empower your customers with each and every piece of information in concern to the product.



Nothing could have worked better for than Athletes talking high of the products it offers. Have a similar expert voice for your site as well.

39. People who liked this also liked....: You for sure take interest to know what the world around is looking for online. Be it an information, a product, service or anything; there is a curiosity that rules within to know what the person next to you is searching for. Just build in the curiosity stating, 'People who likes this, also liked.......


It's very important for your customer to know what other people are looking for on your e-commerce website as seen in the above image.

40. Cross-selling: You have a site selling clothes, and it displays the trendiest and in-fashion trousers on the main page. But won't it be an added benefit for the customers if you suggest a product similar to it like some fashionable shirts to match the trousers. Adding some complementary products in relation to the main product.


As you can see in the image above, giving the customer a parallel product to buy can always help boost your sales.

41. Up-selling: Contrary to cross-selling where you were dealing into providing a complementary product, up-selling allows you to lure the customer in buying two products thereby saving a certain amount. Well, who won't like to encash such an offer! It's not just tempting but is great way of marketing the different other products and boosting sales.


Make the customer know how he can save big while buying two products together as it has been done very tactfully in the image above.

42. Linear Buying Process: You will have a loyal customer back on your e-commerce website only if he gets to experience a hassle free check out. Don't lead the customer into tunnels of confusion as he proceeds with the check out. Just keep it simple and easy!


This is exactly how your customer must check out of your e-commerce site. Till the time things run smooth, he is bound to return.

43. Proper Use of Breadcrumb: There are a bunch of people around who fear the 'Online World'. And to help such potential users overcome this fear, make use of the breadcrumbs wisely. These will help you orient the shopper, working as an organized site map and showing the right location to your user.


Be considerate of what your customer base can likely be. Have room for both the online experts and the newbies and be descriptive as the above image.

44. SMS Module: It's one marketing tool you just can't do without. Keeping the customers in loop right from the purchase and delivery of their product, to feedback and promotions; a simple SMS from your end can help you win the trust and loyalty of your customer. Stay in connect with your users, it's the best way to boost sales.


A simple SMS format as seen in the image, can help your customer know the whereabouts of the product he buys from your site.

45. Size Guide:
This one's of great importance, particularly for the clothing websites. If you don't provide your customer with the size guide, he or she will never be able to decide if the cloth or dress item would fit properly. Never leave your customer in doubt. If a size guide is needed, be precise with it.


The size guide has to be very precise and accurate so that there stands no room for any sort of chaos or confusion. The image makes it clear how things need to be.

46. Subscribe Now Box:
You for sure want your customer to stay connected with your e-commerce website. And this would happen only if you allow them to do so by putting up the Subscribe Now Box, so that they get entitled to receive all your product newsletters, promotional mails and new product update.


Help your customer join your brand with getting him close to the Subscribe Now Box as done wonderfully in the image above.

47. Recently Viewed Products:
There is a lot to search on your website and the customer is indeed looking through his desired product list. But what if he wants to check all the products he just viewed recently? Well, he needs to be given a way to keep a track of all the searches he makes. Have the recently viewed products system updated so that the customer doesn't stand clueless.


Make sure your customer is not losing track of the products he browsed on the site. Keep him updated with all his viewings as seen in the image.

48. Notification in Mobile App: It's the smartphone world we are living in where everything happens just with a finger movement. You press or swipe and everything is done in just a few minutes. Ensure your website provides regular notification in the mobile app so that the customer never misses on any important update from your end.


The mobile app notification must be nothing less than what you can see in the image as stated above so that the customer is all aware of the new deals and offerings.

49. Deal of the Day: Yet another wonderful way of luring the customer. Offers like Deal of the Day draws in customer attention and increases the chances of purchases. Look of some attractive offers and products that fit the bill perfectly to be the 'Deal of the Day'.


Nothing can be more tempting than luring your customer with the Deal of the Day as it has been done in the given image.

50. Highlight special offers: If your e-commerce website is offering a special discount, or attractive offers on specific orders for certain period of time or is providing a free gift or free shipping, let the good news reach to the customer without any delay. Sale is one word that can pull a crowd to your site.


Highlighting the special offers that your site has to offer can always be a delight for the customers. You can see how it has been done in the image above.

51. Product Stats (question & answers and other details): It helps your existing customer and the potential one to know what are details of your product, and how many people are talking about it. All this and more brings in trust and confidence in your product and site.


See how brilliantly has made room for products stats wherein the customer gets all needed info about the product. Make sure your site too has one!

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